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Even though our full site is unavailable in English, all the core details are located on this page! Should anything be missing, or any questions come up, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone. Our English speaking staff is always happy to help you!

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SUN'SUP is founded from love to Finnish nature and the outstanding sports- and nature experiences it provides. We provide a chance to enjoy outdoors in new and exciting ways!
May 2019 three new centers open in Lahti, offering quality equipment, instructions and a wide range of SUP classes!

Our centers are located in key spots for an enjoyable SUP experience!

Girl on SUP at sunset

We are located near Lahti central, on Möysä Beach. The lake of Joutjärvi is popular and there is rarely windy or waves. Our store at lake Joutjärvi is a great pick for training your SUP skills, relaxing or exploring the lake Joutjärvi from waterside.

Guy on SUP

We are located on the beach of Camping Messilä. The beautiful beach is free to access, and is a great place for an enjoyable and active day for the whole family! Cove provides cover to the beach, and from Messilä you can make even a longer trip, for example to enjoy a meal or snack in Enonsaari island cafe,

SUP Close Up

We are located at Pajulahti Sports Institute. Here you can enjoy the beautiful and calm lake- and forest sceneries. Pajulahti is a great place for a SUP trek. Ask our friendly staff for recommendations! Also don't forget our SUP classes in Pajulahti and other locations!

Class descriptions

Descriptions help you find the right class for your interest!

SUP Yoga


Let go of the hectic life for a while, and come relax on Yoga on SUP. Soft motion, challenging your balance and relaxing while listening to lovely and calming sound of water. SUP Yoga is made of relaxing and having fun on water!


SUP Workout


SUP Workout contains a pinch of Core, some Circuit, trimmed supporting muscles and a big doze of having fun!


SUP Easy


Easygoing and recovering motion in a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone should put just the amount of effort that feels right at the moment. Also a good choice for your first time trying SUP.


SUP Trek

sup group_edited.jpg

On SUP Treks you can enjoy beautiful sceneries from waterside, and take some distance to the hectic everyday life. Depending on the Trek we stop to enjoy a snack in the nature. A perfect compilation of Finnish nature and SUP!


SUP Beginners course

SUP Close Up

Together we train the basics and foundations of SUP and water safety, The goal is to understand the correct paddling technique and stance, control the board and understand the basic rules for safe and fun SUP session!


SUP Advanced course (1 and 2)

SUP, Surfboard

Once you have learned the SUP basics, it's time to take a look below the surface! We approach SUP as a sport and hobby. Together we study and train SUP techniques and knowledge to make the most of your SUP sessions. The Advanced course consists of two parts, and we recommend attending both!


SUP Adventure race


Experience SUP as a part of adventure race, where you and your team is required cleverness, imaginativeness and a little bit of brute strength! To beat the race you must work together. Every member of your team has the chance to show their assets, and challenge themselves outside of their asset zone. On Adventure race you get to try all our different SUP board types!


Events and groups!

SUPer Day
Girl on SUP

Compilation of your favourite classes. We create an entity where even a larger group stays active and has a good time! Let us know your estimated number of attendants and how much you have time. We'll do the rest! We can also provide dining/ lunch.


Events and groups!

Don't forget to try our super fun Giant SUPs for 4-8 people. You can book the boards for your event, try them as a part of SUP Adventure race or rent the boards at SUP Joutjärvi. We have two Giant SUPs!

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Private Event

An unforgettable experience!

An unforgettable experience!

All Classes

One class

Two classes

Three classes

Kaikki ohjatut tunnit

SUP Yoga (60 min)

SUP Workout (60 min)

SUP Easy (60min)

SUP Beginners (90min)

SUP Advanced (90min)

SUP Treks (90-120min)

SUP Adventure race (60-90min)

SUPer Day (Duration varies)

30€ /pp

6-10p group


11-20p group


Over 20p group


60€ / pp

6-10p group


11-20p group


Over 20p group


90€ / pp

6-10p group


11-20p group


Over 20p group


Interested? Don't hesitate to

Interested? Don't hesitate to

We offer a wide range of memberships!

Interested in doing more SUP with us? Our friendly staff will gladly help you pick the right membership, and tell more! E-mail us or visit our rental spots for more information in English!

We offer memberships for beginners, SUP owners, families, enterprises, SUP enthusiasts and for you who wants to spend an awesome summer!


Our booking system is in Finnish. If you wish to make an individual booking to our scheduled classes or rental, we'll help you out!

1. In the first section you choose the place and class you want to attend. you can read the descriptions on this page here. Then click "varaa" on the desired class.

2. Now choose the time and date for the class. You can find all currently available classes in this calendar. Proceed with "jatka".

3. Fill in your information as follows: First and Last name, E-mail, Phone, Number of boards you want to book, Message or anything to notify us.

4. Vahvista varaus = Confirm booking. You will get an e-mail.
5. If you wish to book a longer period of time for rental, just fill in another form for the next lesson! See you at the beach :).

Contact us

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Terms of Use


To make SUP as safe and fun experience as possible we need our customers to approve our Terms as listed below. Breaking the Terms might cause a ban to our services or extra expenses as shown in our price list.



1.1 SUP is always done on your own responsibility. We recommend attending to our SUP Beginners –course before the first SUP rental.


1.2 Under 12-years-old is allowed to SUP with an adult. 12-15-years-old is allowed to SUP with adult’s permission. Adult must be at the rental store when assigned.


1.3 When you rent MEGA SUP there must be at least one over 16-years-old attending.


1.4 You can not go into the water if you are affected by some drug – including alcohol -, fevery or not feeling well.


1.5 To get into the water you must be able to swim (=200m). We will borrow you a canoeing vest if needed. You can also SUP without a canoeing vest when you stay maximum of 20 meters from the shore.


1.6 Do not SUP alone if you have heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy or other symptoms that might cause a possible sudden seizure.


1.7 If you get surprised by thunder, paddle to the shore closest to you. Stay safe and wait for the thunder to go away or walk to the SUN’SUP home if possible. Act the same way if you get caught in a hard wind that takes you further away and you are getting tired.



2.1 Customer must show their ID when asked. If the ID is missing our employees are allowed not to let the customer to attend.



3.1 You can only use the equipment in deep enough water which is suitable for SUP. You can go on the board when water is at your knee level. You can stand up when water is at your chest level. Avoid areas where the water is shallow or where might be rocks or other obstacles.


3.2 You must use the equipment carefully and in a way that does not break them or that they don’t go missing. Equipment is checked before and after rental. You must inform our staff of missing or broken equipment and compensate the damage or lost equipment depending on the situation and valid price.


3.3 You must return the equipment at last when your rental time is ending.


3.4 If equipment is returned late or some parts are not returned, our staff has the right to charge extra price until the equipment is found or returned.


3.5 Customer is responsible of the equipment and terms even though the equipment would be on third party’s use.

Terms of use
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